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Queso Cup XXII - 2023

"Hammock Bay Haymaker"

2017 - Grand Cypress Return Visit Sends Q-Cup Back to Team Masley

Team Masley enjoyed a triumphant return to Grand Cypress and remains undefeated in Orlando. Team Lambert's valiant comeback attempt on Sunday fell short, but not quite as short as Cookie's memory of this entire weekend...

2016 - Team Masley Takes a Licking, French Licking That Is

Team Lambert broke out of a two-year slump and regained the Queso Cup in a hotly contested battle that came down to the final matches on Sunday. Rain was dodged and many long-time cuppers revealed that they'd be better off sticking to bowling.

2015 - Team Masley Repeats in Orlando

 'Caddies' were present for the first and last time in Queso Cup history.... Michigan's punter would have rather been golfing in Orlando.... and in the largest event in Queso Cup history, Team Masley made it two in a row.

2014 - Team Masley Rules the Treetops

Team Lambert just enjoyed our time in the trees. Based on Team Masley's record in Northern Michigan, it may be a while before the tournament selection committee votes for a return visit.

2013 - Wolf Creek Wins

Team Lambert with an unprecendented third straight Victory. Highlight of the weekend was watching Rich Pierle hit himself with his opening tee shot on Saturday morning and then go on to par the final hole to win his match - you won't see this anywhere but the Queso Cup. Great weekend, better golf courses and a fantastic group of guys. Thanks to everyone for making the trip! (and no, Lawson is not gay).

2012 - Lambert's Boys Take The Beach



2011 - Team Lambert Conquer the Desert

We're pretty sure this wasn't how the west was won, but it will have to do.

Team Lambert (with very little aid from their captain) dominated Team Masley in Queso Cup 10 - Duel in the Desert. No doubt there were highlights but your web master is way behind and far too old to remember any of them. I do remember it was on the warm side and that Masley made it to dinner on Saturday night.

2010 - Team Masley Back on Top

All Lambert could say was "It felt good not to get shut out." Team Masley in a romp. Great courses, good weather and poor golf made it another fantastic event.

Congratulations to Team Masley on their convincing 2010 Queso Cup victory!

Avenging their embarrassing defeat of 2009, Team Masley took no prisoners in this year's tussle at Treetops. Jumping out to a commanding 4 1/2 to 1/2 lead after Friday afternoon's opening round, Masley's motley crew never let their foot off of the accelerator, motoring to a 18 to 7 victory and ownership of the Cup for the coming year.

Match results and player records can be found in the other pages of this site.

Team Masley Team Members include:

  • John Masley - Captain and Mascot
  • Cliff Beckmeier
  • Keith Beaucamp
  • Charlie Carr
  • Devin Gibson
  • Mark Legault
  • Mike Malmstadt
  • Billy Oncea
  • Craig Streeter
  • Ed Streeter

Thanks to everyone who participated in and/or made the 2010 event a huge success.

Stay tuned for announcements on this year's individual award winners as well as initial plans for the 10th Anniversary version of the Queso Cup in 2011.

2009 - Team Lambert in a Win for the Aged.

After 8 consecutive years of finishing second, Team Lambert pummelled Team Masley with no mercy to be seen or heard (okay, let's face it, we were at least a million miles from the next nearest human being when in Lewiston). The only lasting memory of 2009 was the tournament committe instituting a rule that all future Q-Cup locations would require some form of telephone reception.

2008 - Team South Retains Cup in Fight to the Finish

For the second consecutive year, the outcome of the Queso Cup was not determined until the final two matches headed up the 18th fairway. With a strong finish, Team South held it's slim lead and secured ownership of the Queso Cup (both of them) for another year.

Team North got off to a blistering start winning its the first 4 matches of the day to take an early lead. But true to character, Team South battled back and when the love-bugs settled, went home with a 20 1/2 to 17 1/2 victory.

Outstanding performers for Team North included Rob Cornell (4-0-0) and Keith Beaucamp (3-0-1). Rob has been awarded the first annual Robert O'Neal Award for both his play and the fact that he's the man, and Robert would have appreciated his efforts. Rich Pierle also was a strong contributor for Team North with his first 2 wins ever.

Team South, in a huge surprise to everyone, was led by emergency backup captain Mark Toon who ran his Captain's record to 2-0 with a 5-0-0 performance. Dan Matzat was awesome all weekend and finished with a 4-0-1 record.

2007 Queso Cup Stays Home in the Southwest

Barton Creek - In the closest finish in Queso Cup History, Team South/West prevailed in Sunday's singles matches to take a 1 point victory and retain the coveted Queso Cup. Team North/East put up a good fight but in the end, the home field heat was the difference. Congrats to Team South/West for a tremendous weekend of play.

2006 Queso Cup Champions - Team West

 Back Row Left to Right - Daryl Rose, Rod Killingbeck, John Cook, Ed Ward;

Front Row Standing - John Masley, Jim Kelly, Tom Workman;

Shortlegs and a Thumb - Team Captain Plug Penzien/ Not Pictured - Mark Hodges, Tim Elsenbrook

2006 Queso Cup - The Year in Review (Abridged)

Team West won, Team East stunk, the rough on Sunday morning was memorable, shirts were on sale, no one was killed (according to 'official' tournament records)....

More importantly, we raised just short of $1,000 through strictly voluntary contributions to our selected charity for the year - Winifred Masterson Burke Rehabilitation Hospital. Many thanks to everyone who took part in this important initiative.

2005 Recap - The Cup Heads West as The East's Game Goes South

Under the Patton-like leadership of Captain John Masley, Team West battled its way to a 13 - 7 victory in the 2005 Queso Cup - billed as the Battle of Atlanta II. Masley pulled his troops together early on Sunday morning to inform them that one of their commrades had been injured in the line of duty. David Karabinos had been ridden hard in the Saturday matches and was unable to answer the bell for the final round. Being the motivator that he is, Masley grasped this opportunity and uttered what has become the mantra of the 2005 Queso Cup - "Let's Win One for the Binor"

When news of this development reached the record crowds, the energy immediately shifted from the home team East to the feel good story of a team battling for it's fallen teammate. Leading by example and pacing his team to victory - Masley posted a 3-0 match record for the weekend. Mark Toon and Mark Hodges also posted 3-0 Records for Team West. Special notice also goes to Bill Weathersby who carried the load of playing two matches on Sunday, winning one match and halving the second.

Team East was led by 2004 Cup standout Tom Workman with a 2-1 record and team captain Jon Lambert who also went 2-1 after posting the goose-egg 0-3 in 2004. Lambert was quick to put the defeat in perspective, "When you're up against that kind of karma - the writing is on the wall. We were up against it from the very beginning, we started out strong on Saturday morning but the momentum shifted over cheeseburgers in the Chateau Elan Grill. When your battling the aura of "The Father of Outsourcing", the resolve of winning for a team member on his death bed, the world rooting for the team displaced by hurricane Katrina, and then throw in that their captain was riding an 0-for-forever Cup victory record...We should have mailed it in."

Match Results

Saturday Morning 4-Ball Matches

East 3 West 2

Saturday Afternoon 4-Ball Matches

East 1 West 4

Sunday Morning Singles Matches

East 3 West 7

Final Results

East 7 West 13

Queso Cup Recaps - The Early Years

Masley Spotted with Driver

 ATLANTA - AP Shortly after 3pm on Friday, 9 September, residents of Suwanee, Georgia, a quaint suburb north of Atlanta, Georgia, are claiming to have spotted John Masley not only carrying a driver, but holding the grip end and mimicing what some called a below average golf swing and others's referenced as some type of involuntary spasm.

This report is being researched by those same guys that follow up on U.F.O's as the odds of this actually being true hovers somewhere in the same realm. When questioned about the reports, Masley was quick to respond - "I never had swings with that driver" and thanked Bill Clinton for his inspiration.

Queso Cup officials have dismissed the entire incedent as a brash attempt to convince the world that that game Masley plays is actually golf.