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Queso Cup XXII - 2023

"Hammock Bay Haymaker"

Below ere are the pairings and match-ups for the 2022 Q-Cup including tee times.  Start your smack-talk and/or apologizing now.

Daylight won't be an issue this year but PACE OF PLAY remains important as we will be using individual tee times across 2+ hours for each round. We're going to have a record 15 groups for each round so we need to move it along to keep it fun for everyone. Every year we say it, and every year we have people forget or fail to understand - Match Play should speed things up, when a hole is won, move on - if your team is out of the hole, concede the hole and move on.  If you find that your group is a full hole behind the group ahead at any point, flip a coin with the winner taking that hole and move up.  On Saturday afternoon, if your group is playing out of a greenside bunker for bogie - you are done, par is the worst you can do, rake up and move out.

For Saturday, every pairing in the morning will stay together for the afternoon scramble which will make it easier on everyone - no need to shuffle cart partners unless your morning goes really poorly and then feel free to swap riding partners (not teams) for the afternoon.  We've staged Saturday to allow for everyone to have enough time to grab lunch between rounds.  For this reason, we'll need to keep things moving.

With a few late drops, we'll have a few groups that are threesomes - we need those groups to come up with a game for the threesome (or you can choose to 'halve' the match and just have an enjoyable round).

Round 1 - Friday Afternoon (August 12)  - Pine Needles Course 

Format - 4 Ball (2 man, better-ball, full handicap)

Threesomes make up your own game to determine the point or agree to halve the match and just have fun.

Scoring - 14 points available for matches 

Round 2 - Saturday Morning (August 13)  - Mid-Pines Course 

Threesomes make up your own game to determine the point or agree to halve the match and just have fun.Format - 2-man scramble - Match Play with modification defined below

Scramble match play modification - if at any point during the match, one team goes up by two holes, that team will be required to play in 'modified alternate shot format'. Modified alternate shot format means that both players will hit a shot from the tee box, one ball is selected for use in completing the hole, the player who did not hit that tee shot plays the second shot and players alternate until the ball is holed out. Any team who is two up or more during a match will play under this format.

All holes where the match is square or one team maintains a 'one-up' lead will be played in traditional 2-man scramble format.

Threesomes make up your own game to determine the point or agree to halve the match and just have fun.

Teams with + number indicated below will get a strokes on the lowest handicap holes.

Scoring - 14 points available 

Round 3 - Saturday Afternoon (August 13)  - Mid-Pines Course

Format - 4-man team Scramble, Aggregate team scores head to head.  Scoring is straight up - no handicaps to be applied for this round.  Final group plays two-man scrambles.

Since both sides have a threesome - those groups can just play their scramble as a three-ball game and it will all be even since we are aggregating the scores

In the interest of time, par is the highest score teams can take on any hole,  If you don't have any chance left at birdie - pick up and head to the next hole.

Total of 2 point to be awarded for the lowest group and lowest aggregate team score:

Round 4 - Sunday Morning (August 14) - Southern Pines Course

Player choice (consensus of each group)

- 4-Ball = Friday afternoon round rules (use full handicaps listed)

- Scramble Match Play = 2-Man Scramble Match Play - Saturday morning rules (use aggregate + in center column for team)

Threesomes should determine a game or agree to halve the match and have fun.

Scoring - 14 points available 

Final Results         Team Lambert                                                                          Team Masley   

2022 Queso Cup Scoring

Points Available

Round 1                    14 Points Available

Round 2                    14 Points Available

Round 3                      2 Point Available

Round 4                    14 Points Available

Team Masley needs 22 points to retain the Queso Cup

Team Lambert needs 22.5 points to win back the Queso Cup