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Queso Cup XXII - 2023

"Hammock Bay Haymaker"

Kash Ansari

Kash Ansari, 17 yrs in the IT industry, currently at EMC Canada - Country Manager, Technology PreSales. Bachelor in Computer Science from R.I.T. Hobbies include slicing the golf ball, watching movies, Italian cars, and 3 position sharp shooting. Married 14yrs, 3 Kids (Mazin 12, Nasya 9, and Avisa 6), a Cat named Luca and a Lizard named Puff. Bounced around the US for 16yrs between Philadelphia, Rochester and Atlanta finally returned to Canada in 2008. I've never met a calorie of food I didn't like.

Jeffrey Barton

I live in Landrum, South Carolina. I'm 37 years old, and a heating and air tech for my local school district. Golf is a passion of mine and I really am looking forward to the opportunity to play in the Queso Cup and meeting the different people. And may I go ahead and start begging for my handicap to be raised since I have only broken 90 twice in the past year. Thanks for the help. 

Keith Beaucamp

I live in Buford, GA I am 52 years old, and I am one of the owners of Cisco Chemicals a nationwide chemical distributor.@I will be playing in the Queso Cup for the 6th time. This will be the first time as a new Grandpa. This means I will need to really bring the hammer down on the opponents so I have some good stories to tell my grandson. Although I used to play a lot of golf I have been lucky to get out once a month these days. So now I play ARMY golf and beg for strokes.

Ready to rumble for the good guys.

Cliff Beckmeier

A native of St. Louis Mo., married to wife Lisa, and father of two, Beckmeier lives in Houston Texas. He was adopted into Queso Cup family on the Really Rotten’s side in 2007. After that rookie season, he continued to receive the yearly invitations to return to the Queso Cup. Captain John Masley said “His style of play fits our team perfectly. That guy sprays shots around like 10 year old with a new paint ball gun ”. Beckmeier was quoted as saying “I really have no choice but to play for Masley. He somehow keeps getting emails through my spam filter”.   

Rick Bertheaud

Rick has recently retired from a long career in consulting and is pursuing his dream of being an NFL replacement offical.

Off the Grid. It’s not just an amorphous concept about tuning out once in a while, it’s a philosophy . . . it’s a lifestyle . . . it’s Vermont in the Northeast Kingdom in a log cabin hewn from trees felled on the property. Oh no, it’s not for you faint of heart city slickers with fancy country clubs and low handicaps. It’s for real men, who hack logs for firewood and, on rare occasions, hack up the woods closer to home at the local muni. It’s never pretty, but every swing is an adventure. Keep your head on a swivel.

David Brown

David Brown (born February 1, 1985, in Stoney Creek, Ontario) is a professional ice hockey goaltender for the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League. Brown was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 8th round, 228th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. Before playing professional, Brown played four seasons for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and was named MVP in 2006. He was a finalist for the 2007 Hobey Baker Award, which is awarded to the top collegiate player in the country.

Brown was originally drafted by the from the Kilty Bees. Brown progressed through the Hamilton minor hockey ranks to the Provincial A Kilty Bees, and was eventually drafted by the Mississauga Ice Dogs of the OHL (Ontario Hockey League), where he was their fifth round selection in the 2001 draft. Once Brown finished his junior career, he eventually moved on to the University of Notre Dame.

He is an alumnus of Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario.

Brown has also played for the Quad City Mallards of the Central Hockey League (CHL).

On February 18, 2011, the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League signed Brown to a professional tryout contract.

7th time Queso Cupper

Works for KPMG previously EquaTerra

Splits his time between Orlando and Northern Michigan. Canadian native so I know how to use a stick, unfortunately golf uses clubs.

Most memorable Cup experience – Making a net 1 after making an 80 foot putt (might be longer when I get to Myrtle) to win the hole, can’t remember who it was against but the guy just missed the hole in one by a few inches (QCup Historian - that would be Michael Richards and he's still pissed). L Sorry Jimmy and Cook, but I couldn’t describe my other memorable experiences that involve you guys (QCup HIstorian - it would not have made it past Risk Management so you saved yourself some time)

Favorite drink – Firefly

Family – married to my wife (April) 18 years and have 2 great daughters (November ‘Em’ – 13 and Haley 11)

Paul Buckles

 Born and raised in the "313." If you don’t know, don’t ask : ) Worked for EquaTerra in the GRSC for some time, recently joined Masley and the FA’s. Pursuing my MBA at Wayne State University in Michigan.

1st Fun Fact: "drug free power lifter" and Excel junkie.

2nd Fun Fact: Masley can’t gamble for crap.

Favorite Food: add bacon and it’s good to go.

Drink of Choice: Gin and soda.

Typical Golf Scenario: Drive greens then 3-5 putt.

Claim to Fame: Climbed Pike’s Peak (13 miles, 14,100 ft) and built houses for the less fortunate this Summer.

Kerry Burden

Charlie Carr

Father of 4 including 2 dogs . Oldest just started College.

Spent a few nights in Jail the last 40 years for various violent crimes. So don't piss me off on the course!

Never won anything of significance except a 10 dollar scratch off!

Whatever else you want to know about me is sealed until I know you all better!

John Cook

Eric Edwards

Married, three children, one grandson and a granddaughter on the way. Take a guess when she is due? That’s right, the weekend of our golf outing, no worries I informed my daughter the golf outing was scheduled way before she informed us of the new addition to the family. I plan to ride down to MB with some friends, rent a car and leave Sunday to drive up the coast. They live in Jacksonville NC, her husband is deployed and will not be here when the baby is born. Golf Game???????? Well let’s just say I can play whenever I want (Part of MY pre-nuptial), just kidding I’m like all the rest, have to get permission from the boss but she knows how much I LOVE the game.

Jim Farrell

Married for 24 years to my angel of a wife Kathleen and have a 21 year old son (Sean) who is starting his senior year at Kalamazoo College. (Maybe I can stop the outflow of cash soon) …Masley I may need you to run some financial models for me…he is talking Grad school now!

I am a lifelong resident of the East Lansing, Michigan area and a die- hard Spartan fan. I come from a long line of Spartans (Mom and Dad, wife, sisters in law and father in law (professor) were all Spartan grads). While at MSU, I was the head manager for the football team and travelled to all the away games and even worked closely with Nick Saban. Great experience, great fun, and even got some scholarship money as payment for my services. I know this put me at odds with my captain, Jon Lambert who is a Michigan fan….but I think we can work through it. GO GREEN!!

This is my second Queso Cup as I have had conflicts for the last few years and I am looking forward to playing some golf in SC!!

Jim Frilot

Until I shaved my beard, I was known to some as “the most interesting man in the world”. You might say the same thing about my golf game, “interesting”! I am a New Orleans native and like to throw back the cocktails, hence I can be found to be the last man in the bar. I might not be conscious, but I’m the last man in the bar. Saints have always been my team.. through thick, thin, bounty or Super bowl. I’m married 24 years and been with my wife for 31 years. I have one daughter, 19. When I’m not working or tearing up a golf course, I’m playing tennis, which I execute quite a bit better than my golf game. I do host an annual golf tournament in Myrtle Beach and have used Legends on numerous occasions. Great outfit – nice accommodations. I am also a float captain in a Mardi Gras parade known as “The Krewe of Tucks”, that’s Fryer Tucks, not a typo.

Bryan Furlong

Bryan is referred to as "The Father of Insights" at KPMG and is boldly going where no man has ever gone before in the name of global alignment. Bryan recently received a prestigious '1' rating for his outstanding performance and contributions over the last year (or some year period, but please don't ask us which one).

Bryan resides in Chagrin Falls, OH with his lovely wife Beth, daughter Megan and son Ben. He also has two dogs and one is very large.

Bryan enjoys pissing off his neighbors with major property transformation projects (also known as Elevated Ground Ergonomics or 'EGE'). Bryan is an accomplished snow and water skier and is looking forward to any accumulation of snow that will allow him to use his snow mobiles - unlike last year.

Finally, Bryan is the inspiration of all CFOs in the greater Cleveland, OH region.

Devin Gibson

Devin Gibson works by day at KPMG traveling the country as a mild-mannered consultant, but spends his weekends as a rock star playing drums in various bands. This jet-set life style leaves little room for golf, however he still manages to maintain something that resembles a golf swing. This is Devin’s 7th consecutive year at the Queso and has survived the Tampa night-life, burlap sack shirts in Austin, dancing at Garland and “suck for a buck” at Treetops. No wonder he’s managed to stay single throughout his Queso career. This just in, the girls from Lewiston will be making a special appearance in Myrtle Beach - and Devin will be ready.

Terry Gilford

Queso Cup Rookie and prepared to watch out for the hazing! I carry a Taser in my golf bag.

Born in Fort Wayne, IN, but have lived in Atlanta for most of my life, still a damn Yankee in these parts.

Play Ice Hockey in a men’s league. Ask me to perform the Happy Gilmore Shot! And I can kick Bob Barkers A**.

Business Development Manager for Graybar.

Been in the Telecommunications Industry for 20-years.

Best Golf Shot: Drove the green on a Par 4 380 yard hole, via the cart path, and sank the 10’ putt for Eagle!

Please talk quietly to me in the morning, I will be hung over!

Colin Harrison

Kevin Hopkins

Keith Howell

Raymond Jones

I am 59 yrs.old . Semi-retired. Sold my Goodyear franchise in Tucker Ga. 12/31/09. Work as inventory/financial consultant in my wife’s bus. Play more tennis than golf-pretty bad at both. Enjoy boating at Lake Lanier-have a Four Winns cruiser. I have 2 married sons with a 3 yr.old grandson. Go deer hunting a couple of times a year. Enjoy fishing but don’t do as much as I used to. Just celebrated 37 anniversary. Pretty much it.

Jon Lambert

Co-Founder of the Queso Cup and all around nice guy.

Currently reside in Buford, GA with my wife of 23 years Nancy and three sons, Bradford(16), Benjamin (14) and Braydon (12). Have several jobs at KPMG none of which will interest you in any way.

Love the idea of golf and the opportunity to get you guys together every year to share that idea with me for a few days. Very much enjoy tracking my 1995 Dodge Viper RT10 at Road Atlanta at any opportunity - as luck would have it, I've not yet driven my car off into the woods or into the nearest lake as I like to do with my other driver.

Counting on another memorable event this year - se ya'll soon.

Greg Marcinek

Single, Pisces and looking forward to winning Mega Millions. Really nervous about rooming with Craig Streeter.

John Masley

One of the founders of this silly season event. Michigan transplant, living in the Houston area for over 13 years now.

My wife, Melissa, has put up with this thing almost as long as she has put up with me as we’ll be married 14 years this fall. We have been blessed with two incredible kids, Chase (11) and Paige (7). The demise of my golf game has followed proportionally with the level of activities they’ve continued to become engaged in. Enjoy family time more than ever and just can’t believe how quickly the time flies by.

As for work, I’m among the contingent with KPMG and am fortunate enough to enjoy what I do and who I work with. Spend more than my share of time on airplanes and in Marriott hotels! But, after all is said and done, spending the last 3+ years with a client who brews beer can’t be all that bad…drink up the MillerCoors products!

Continue to be amazed by what we do each year, especially when it all started with a foursome of guys playing golf together for a weekend on a summer vacation! Looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces, meeting the new ones, and enjoying a great time in Myrtle Beach this year!

Peter Nord

- Originally from Minnesota and still loyal to home town teams

- Married to college girlfriend (20th anniversary is next year)

- Have 2 kids

- Emily (13) all girl, all sass, thinks she's all grown up ... Not

- Tyler (10) all boy, all energy, likes all things science and sports

- A career consultant (Accenture, North Highland, Infosys) in process, business and IT for financial services and telecoms

- currently commuting Atlanta to LA every week and still can't get an upgrade

- Hobbies (when I have time) include golf, watching sports, movies and my kids

- HUGE Duke basketball fan so no Tar Heels please :)

William 'Billy' Oncea

Hometown: Detroit. But transplanted to North Carolina as a laddie.

Gross weight: a moving target...

Favorite employer: still searching

Canadian Hero: my Dad

Favorite superhero: Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman

Favorite meal: never met one I didn't like. Some are just better than others.

Favorite car: Nissan 240Z

Golf Legacy: draining a 40 foot putt at Queso with a gallery on #18 to win our match (still in tth top 5 classic moments of QCup history)

TV Cameo: Played himself in a recent local Atlanta news clip staring

 Captain/Councilwoman Tara Richards

Rich Pierle

Phillip Placak

36 year old real estate appraiser from Columbus, NC.

I am a member of a local country club and try to play once a week.

Have only shot in the eighties once or twice which pretty much sucks.

I'm pretty sure I have the record for most homes hit on our local course.

Luckily coming with our current club champ who ended up on my team!

Looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying Myrtle Beach.

Michael Richards

Queso Cup Management Input:

This guy just spent 6+ months playing Mr. Mom while his amazing wife Tara was off serving her country in Afghanistan. If anyone has ever deserved a Queso Cup weekend, its Michael - we think you're pretty amazing to Mr. Richards?

Michael Richards Queso “Experience” (such a strong word for this crew):

Myrtle Beach will be my (I believe) 6th Queso Cup, and I’m totally looking forward to a few days of very mediocre golf, and some great times with the “Queso Crew”.


I’m married to an amazing wife (Tara) that keeps a schedule that I could never in a million years equal. Tara is a Captain & Civil Engineer in the U.S. Air Force, and is currently deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan until early September (has been deployed since February, 2012).When she’s not defending our country in her spare time, she also works as a Civil Engineer for a small Engineering firm in Gainesville, GA, as well as serving the city that we live in (Flowery Branch, GA) as a City Council member.

We have (2) awesome kids (Brady/4, and Jordan/2) that love to keep Dad busy going to the park, the pool, the Zoo, the Aquarium, and anywhere else they can get me to take them in the evenings and on the weekends while Mommy’s deployed.


I’ve been employed at Cox Communications, Inc. for 10 ½ years now serving roles in Network Management, Project Management, and Software Development Management.

Golf Game:

Queso Handicap is currently listed as a 10, but it’s highly unlikely that I’ll play anywhere near it in Myrtle… My golf game has essentially been “non-existant” since Mom left for Afghanistan 6 months ago. I’m sure I’ll shoot a million, but I’ll have a great time doing it with this crew!

Other Hobbies:

Other than spending gobs of time with my kids (which I love), I “hack it around” on the tennis court when I have the rare opportunity, and love to go Freshwater Fishing (however that happens very rarely). You can tell by simply looking at me that I love good food and Beer (or anything else that you can eat or drink that’s bad for you…).

Guess that’s about it….

Patrick Robinson

Eric Rungi

Resident of Montreal, Canada, Age 39, Born in Port Colborne, Ontario, (Canada eh!) same town as the esteemed Kashif Z Ansari of Queso Cup fame.

Moved to Montreal to study the arts of boozing and chasing women, picked up an electrical engineering degree along the way.

Immediately got bored of EE studies, started selling PC computers out of student dorms with next-door neighbour and future 20 year business partner.

Started internet services company in Montreal in 1995 (Openface Internet), utterly failed to cash in on VC bubble craze but then utterly failed to crash and burn in the subsequent fall in the early 2000's.

Openface Internet currently offers boutique Internet Infrastructure solutions (hosting/cloud/connectivity) to SMB clients as well as Internet oriented programming services with a dev team in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hobbies include talking about all the fun hobbies I used to have before I had a wife and three kids, golfing every other year.

Scott Shands

Marc Slocum

Owner of Jersey Giant Submarines. 17 stores located throughout Michigan. Founded in 1979. Go MSU. Married with six children. Resides in Holly Springs North Carolina.

Craig Streeter

Tom Taylor

Joe VanLoy

Joe lives in a suburb of Minneapolis with his wife, Wendy, and St. Bernard, Hudson. He flies around a ton for work – hitting the highest frequent flier level (125K) each of the last few years. When he’s not working, Joe enjoys watching movies, tending to the yard and house and surprisingly enough, traveling. His golf game sucks – you’ve been warned.

Joe Zanko

I’m the grizzled old FS GUY, and a member of the secret society of AVANTI. Born and raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, so naturally I’m quad-lingual (English (sort of) , Polish, Spanish (especially all swear words) and German. I’m still in the Garden State and have residences in Union County (hence the accent) and Manasquan where Snookie lives.

I’m a member of the prestigious Roselle Golf Club, established 1917. I am a crappy 23 hdcp who is a good striker of the ball (meaning accurate, not long) who can’t score. Not playing enough with work, the new shore house and hanging out in bars occupying most of my time.

I’m also a baseball junkie and just visited the new Marlin’s stadium with Ben Aguerro, who got us on the field for BP. I’ve been an esteemed member of the DBFL, the oldest Rotiserrie league in NJ, established 1984. I also play in two Diamond Mind baseball leagues, and am a hopeless Mets fan. I hate the Yankees more than anything.

Been married for 35 years, three kids, one who is a social worker in NYC, one who starts in Risk and Compliance a day after Labor Day, and my namesake, who (hopefully) has his last interview for SSOA tomorrow.

Have played the Legends many times and it’s a great facility. Only reason to leave would be to look at naked ladies. I look forward to playing with my old EQ buddies and making new ones. Gotta practice up!!

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