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Queso Cup XXII - 2023

"Hammock Bay Haymaker"

2012 Finances & Charity Contributions

With the expansion of our event and the advent of the Extended Global Enterprise, we have transformed our administrative processes for 2012 in an attempt to retain at least a fraction of the fun for your tournament directors. We spend a lot of time trying to ensure everything is paid for and everyone is having a good time - this will help streamline those efforts so we appreciate your help. Here's what to do:

Tournament Fee

Each year we collect a small amount from each entrant to subsidize your tournament gear and closest to the pin prizes. If at all possible, we'd like for you to use the link below to execute that payment (says donation but it's all coming back to you +) .

Select the $65 option to cover your entry fee (you'll need to pony up $20 for closest to the pin fees at the event)

Select the $85 option to cover your entry fee and your closest to the pin fees

Select the $1000 option if you want to help tournament management put their kids through college.

Charity Initiative

Because there is more to life than golf, especially the way this group plays, and our wives wouldn't allow us to continue this fiasco if all we had to show for it was a hang-over and a sunburn one weekend a year, back at Queso Cup IV we initiated the practice of selecting a charity cause to which our humble little group could contribute in recognition of the fact that we're all blessed to be able to do this silly tournament every year and giving somethig back feels pretty darn good.

We are proud to say we have raised over $13,000 over the last 6 years and are excited about another opportunity to raise funds for a great cause. Please note that contributing to this cause is completely optional and as you feel led. You're participation in our charity efforts is not required in any way and as always, your gifts are most appreciated.

Contributions collected throught this on-line platform will be combined with money collected at the event and will be sent to the charity on behalf of the 2012 Queso Cup.

2012 Charity Partner - The Organization for Autism Research (OAR)